Bataluk Cultural Trail


Artwork – Richard Mullett


The Bataluk Trail is a chain of indigenous cultural sites stretching from the South-East corner to the far East of Gippsland.

Its purpose is to honour the original people of this area – the Gunaikurnai who lived here for 10,000 generations until European settlement  lead to the destuction of their culture within a generation or two.

This is an important part of the story of Gippsland.

Gunaikurnai people have worked with non-indigenous people to create a wonderful tribute to their culture, with beautiful signage that really helps visitors to understand how special these sites are.

The Bataluk Trail commenced in 1995 but was revitalised in 2010 by Alan Lewis, a member of the Rotary Club of Sale. (This was a government-funded, not a Rotary project.)


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