The Rotary Club of Sale

Sale harbour


Our Rotary club is a place for men and women to work together to help the local and wider community. We meet each week, over dinner, to listen to inspiring speakers, to plan our community work and to enjoy friendship.

We come from all walks of life but what links us is our desire to create a better world. Our primary concern is for our local community but Rotary Clubs all help with world projects, such as End Polio Now, which will soon be reality.

We have found that friendship is a wonderful way to generate ideas and actions that make our community better. Over the years we have accomplished projects of almost every imaginable type from providing medical scholarships to building a wetland walking trail.

Rotarians each belong to their own club and all of the clubs together form Rotary International.

We ask you to consider joining our club and become part of this amazing international organisation that began in 1905 and now has 1.2 million members from every corner of the globe.

For example, there is another Rotary Club of Sale, in Manchester, England – our Rotary friends – find them at:
















District Governor Don Ripper with President David Strauss