Historic Sale


Museum inside small

1864 Sale Borough Council Chamber – photograph Carol Spencer


Sale began in 1845 as a village named Flooding Creek.

By 1848 the first steps were being taken to create a spacious town, laid out in a grand, grid-pattern. In 1850, it was named Sale after a now long-forgotton British General who fought in India.

Sale has much of its early history intact today, including a Museum in the original Council Offices of 1864.

Sale based historian, Peter Synan OAM has written an article named Historic Sale.

Download and read the article

Swing Bridge 1883

The Swing Bridge, on the Latrobe River 5 km south of Sale, carried the road to the south – to Port Albert and Yarram, while giving large lakes vessels access into the Port of Sale.

The Swing Bridge is one of the most historically important structures in Sale. It is now a preserved historic structure while traffic crosses on a new bridge a little upstream.

It is well worth taking a few minutes to visit the bridge while at Sale.

Below is information about the bridge taken from the signage at the site.

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