The Rotary experience

What’s it like to be a Rotarian?

Being a Rotarian is very fulfilling. Rotary is a voluntary organisation with no minimum requirement to meet – we each do as much or as little as we wish – it does not take over our lives, however, those who give most also gain the most from Rotary service.

The reward comes from knowing that we are making a difference and from making friends in our club and from around the world. Rotary is inspiring, challenging and fun. It is something to share with your whole family.

The community respects Rotarians as people who can be relied on.

Rotary builds friendships that last a lifetime.

Become a Rotarian

Perhaps what you have seen on this site has made you consider joining a Rotary Club.

Our Club welcomes new members because we need people like you to help us in our work. We also like making new friends and enjoy seeing what they gain from Rotary. If you are from another area you will find welcoming Rotary Clubs all over Australia and the world.

Please contact your nearest Rotary Club if you wish to make a real difference.

Telephone President Jeanette Henwood on 0412 506460 if you wish to know more about the Rotary Club of Sale.


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